Are You Experiencing Garage Door Opener Problems?

Did you try to back your car out of the garage this morning only to discover that you have garage door opener problems?

When you have garage door opener problems, you can end up having one of the most frustrating starts to a day or frustrating endings to a day imaginable.

This can get even worse if you are stuck in some inclement weather, have screaming kids in your vehicle, or have a couple hundred bucks worth of groceries to unload.

Many times the fix to garage door opener problems is really easy, so check out this handy garage door opener troubleshooting guide and find out what you can do to easily ease your frustrations.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Problem: The Garage Door Isn’t Opening

When you have a keyless garage door opener, one of the primary reasons people encounter garage door opener problems is because the battery just plain wore out. Many people don’t believe that this actually can become a problem because they rarely end up using their garage door opener remote or keyless entry pad, but unless they are hardwired into your home’s electrical grid, that battery is going to be in use, at least minimally, the entire time it is installed.

That means about once a year you’re going to need to replace the batteries to be proactive about not having them die… unless you just let them die and then replace them. But battery problems are the number 1 reason why people have garage door opener problems.


Problem: The Battery Is Good and the Garage Door Isn’t Opening


For some folks, the reason they are experiencing garage door opener problems is because the garage door opener parts aren’t working as they should. Sometimes this could be the garage door opener transmitter, or it could be the chain, or it could simply be an unnoticed dent in one of the rails that is preventing the door itself from raising.

In these instances, you will need to do a little bit of an investigation to discover what is going on with the opener and the system as a whole. Once you locate the problem, the repairs themselves are generally pretty easy and cheap to do… but that means not getting the car out of the garage for the day potentially.


Problem: The Garage Door Just Isn’t Shutting


When you are experiencing garage door opener problems that are the reverse, you are likely to be having one of the same problems as you would when the door is not opening. Be sure to check your batteries, your transmitter, and the garage door opener parts that might commonly fail as mentioned before.

If all of that looks okay, then you are going to need to open up the box to discover why your machine may have seized up. Often in these circumstances there is something wrong with the garage door opener chain or other mechanism used to move the door itself and it will be stuck into position. That might be because of a broken part or inadequate lubrication from dirt, because garages do get dirty. Clean it out, see if it works then, and if not, you may need to repair or replace some mechanism parts.


Problem: The Garage Door Will Close, But Then Opens Again No Matter What


This can be one of the most frustrating garage door opener problems because the door mechanisms are working appropriately, but it just won’t stay closed. When this happens, you generally either have something blocking your sensor that protects people and animals from getting trapped under your garage door or you have a problem with the sensor itself.

Make sure your sensor line is clear from obstruction and that your garage door hasn’t warped enough to interfere with the sensor itself. If it is clear, then you will need to replace the sensor. If you don’t have time to do that, you can disconnect the garage door opener sensor from the electrical system of your home, but make sure that you have turned off the power to the system before you attempt to do that!


Problem: The Garage Door Is Stuck Partway And Won’t Budge


This is one of the garage door opener problems that is pretty easy to fix. In this situation, you either have a problem with the garage door opener chain or the the rails or wheels in the door thanks to warpage, breakage, or an obstruction. If it is the rail, you can often bang the rails back in place with a rubber mallet – not a metal hammer because you’ll cause more damage.

If it is a problem with the wheels or guides of the garage door, you can generally force the door on your own and then repair it from the inside. If it is the garage door opener chain, then you will likely need to replace it to fix the problem and get the door closed.

Don’t Get Upset… Get the Stuff You Need To Get Your Garage Door Opener Problems Fixed

Don’t let garage door opener problems ruin your day. By utilizing this handy garage door opener troubleshooting guide, you’ll be able to get your day back on track in no time at all. Garage door opener problems can certainly be frustrating, but now that you know what you may need to do, you’ll be able to get the door fixed and get you back to your day in no time!